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GFACE Seed Button Widget

As part of our philosophy to allow users to communicate and play games live regardless of the platform, we will also be introducing widgets to allow them to communicate and engage with the GFACE experience outside of the GFACE platform. … Continue reading

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GFACE and you together live at GDC SF 2012

We had a fantastic time at GDC San Francisco, everything was a huge success! What a busy week we had!  We met with over a hundred developers and publishers for all over the world, ranging from Start-ups to Indie developers, … Continue reading

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CSS3 Flip Animations on GFACE

Did you notice the cool peel effect when you hover seeds and user pics on GFACE? Do you know that in the second version of this behaviour we phased out all JavaScript, and accomplished it only with CSS3 keyframe animations? … Continue reading

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Move on, nothing to see here.

Yes that is right, you have guessed it. You now have a chance to correct that mistake, or remove a comment. We all do it once in a while: we are happily commenting on a post, when the keyboard gremlin … Continue reading

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Under the Hood – BabaJS, GFACE Templating Engine

In this post I will introduce the underlying technology that we use in GFACE to render HTML markup, both on client and server side using a JavaScript templating library that I wrote. Why do we need template engine? There are … Continue reading

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