GFACE and you together live at GDC SF 2012

We had a fantastic time at GDC San Francisco, everything was a huge success!

What a busy week we had!  We met with over a hundred developers and publishers for all over the world, ranging from Start-ups to Indie developers, to some of the biggest names in the industry.

We very much enjoyed demonstrating GFACE, and its realtime free-to-play multiplayer features, and we are super happy with the feedback and great interest we have received since.  We would like to thank everyone we met at the show for the awesome feedback and responses. We are well on track to defining a killer line-up of games for our GFACE launch.

GDC 2012 Thank You

Live Wall at GDC SF 2012

PS: We also had the great privilege of meeting some of our Closed Beta members in person at the booth, thank you for dropping by (or sending your father); it is always a pleasure to see you guys and girls. Thank you for your support.

The GFACE Team

Play. Together. Live

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