GFACE Dev Diaries: Fatih

Welcome to GFACE Dev Diaries! This is where our Team members introduce themselves and give you some insight on what’s happening behind the scenes at GFACE. First up is Fatih, our Games Producer.

  • Describe your job/a day filled with GFACE activities.

Besides my daily duties as a Games Producer, I regularly check GFACE to follow the discussions of our community. I love having quick talks with our community members. As our Lead Designer Pascal once said: We are really proud to have the people who login every day, post stuff, use the system, help us uncover the problems and are generally very nice even if they could say “there is not much to do yet”. Thank you for your support and feedback, community!

Furthermore, I conquer the GFACE meeting rooms by attaching game-related stuff on the walls. If you want to see some of the – exclusively on GFACE – games, you have to check out our meeting room! I also forward my teammates news from all over the place. They call it spam, I call it relevant :) .

Last but not least, as mentioned before, I work closely with the GFACE Game Team. I am the intermediary between Crytek and the GFACE Game Team. I own the product, manage, and drive the creative vision in collaboration with the lead group. On the other hand, I present the milestones to Crytek’s management, receive feedback, and iterate accordingly. Currently we are working on a card game that will hopefully be liked by many people who like GFACE.

  • What makes GFACE special? Why do you think it can stand out?

In my opinion, GFACE stands out because it is a home for free-to-play, high-quality games. There are tons of great free-to-play titles, but they are placed/played on so many different services. And you have to sign-up on all those services to be able to play those games. Ideally, GFACE will be a global place where you can play for free. And we are gamers at heart here at Crytek and GFACE. We are gamers. We think like gamers. And we build like gamers for gamers who share the same interest.

  •  Why did you want to work in the gaming industry, and how did you end up at Crytek/GFACE?

After finishing my university studies in 2009, I joined Crytek as a UX trainee. I mostly translated audience needs into user experience concepts for almost three years here at GFACE. Since I am a passionate gamer, I also spent some time with game design. At first I used my knowledge to gamify the service. Then I made basic game design concepts for some of the games we have planned, prototyped, and are working on right now. By doing that I realised more and more that I would like to be involved in the game development rather than web development. Crytek has thankfully given me the chance to become a Games Producer, which is my current focus since March 2012.

Before all this, I did several internships here at Crytek in the Quality Assurance team. Oh boy, you cannot imagine how many times I played the first three levels of Far Cry over and over again. To be honest, when we shipped Far Cry back in 2004, I skipped those levels since I could not take it anymore!

  • What do you do aside from GFACE? Any hobbies/activities?

I try to have a very balanced life. Seriously, if you do not get enough rest, you will not be able to recharge your energy. And that is needed for being able to do your daily work with high concentration. I love going to the cinema and watching DVDs. Even though I got a bit lazy, I like going to the gym or at least to a thermal bath once a month. On Saturdays, I love spending some time on the couch together with my dad and watching football. Of course, I try to have family activities since I am a family man. And sure, I also love just to sleep during my weekends :) .

!! Connect and chat with Fatih here:

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