Game Beta: Updates

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by the blog.

We’ve been a bit quiet with the blog updates lately, but we want to change that. In this post we just want to let you all know about some of the things we’ve been working on as a direct result of your feedback on GFACE.

We’ve made some improvements that will be really helpful for those with smaller screen resolutions, such as the many people using laptops. No longer do you need to “zoom out your browser!” to install the plugin and play Warface.

GFACE and Warface are now better integrated. This means you can get together on GFACE via a Live Seed before you launch the game and then see each other in-game. Not only that, the lobby chat (pictured) is available so you can tell that guy to be a medic!

On top of that we were able to munch through hordes of bugs and continue working on future features so that future you can easily play great games with your friends, live!

As always, we are hanging around in the public cloud and really enjoy hanging out with you all, so if you see this…

…next to a username, it’s one of us. Connect with us; we are always looking for an excuse to play Warface.

Until next time,

Play. Together. Live.

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