New GFACE features are here!

We are happy to introduce one of the most wanted GFACE features: Image Upload!

We know you all can’t wait to share your epic gaming screenshots or pictures of your award-winning gaming setup… And we can’t wait to see what you share! Thanks to this new and highly requested feature, GFACE just became that much more visual.

To share an image, go to the Seed creator and click on the paperclip on the right of the box. Click ‘Image’ and select which one you want to publish (supported files are PNG, JPEG, and GIF – size limit is 5MB). You will now see a preview image of the one you want to upload; this allows you to add text to the Seed if you like. Make sure to select your target audience – Public, specific People, or Groups – and hit ‘Post’. Voilà, you have just shared an image on GFACE! Easy, isn’t it?

Please note that general rules of conduct apply to this feature – so if you think an image or Seed violates the GFACE Terms of Service (which you can read here), make sure to report it to us. You can easily do so via the new report button (which shows up next to each Seed) or by directly contacting our Customer Support.

Thanks again to all our Beta testers for your feedback and patience. We highly appreciate your comments and participation on GFACE, and will continue to improve our service and incorporate your feedback. Make sure to keep sending us your thoughts and opinions, as GFACE is being built for you.

The GFACE Team.
Play. Together. Live.

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