GFACE updates keep coming

Hot on the heels of our recently-added image upload feature, we’re pleased to report more updates for GFACE.

From today, you’ll benefit from a new and improved notification system that makes it easier than ever to keep track of incoming info. The main changes you’ll notice are a reworked notifications bubble with a new overlay, and an improved and simplified notifications page.

Thanks to these tweaks, you’ll find it simpler to see all your notification activity – from comments on your seeds to connection requests and more. It’s just the latest way we’re trying to make sure GFACE is as intuitive and user friendly as possible.

We also added a lot of small improvements, tweaks and fixes all across GFACE.

Let us know how you like the latest update and, as always, keep your feedback coming as we continue to build GFACE on your behalf!

The GFACE Team

Play. Together. Live

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