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Alongside recent updates to GFACE to improve the service, we also opened the doors to the game’s Shop. As you’d expect, the Shop offers another option if you want to add to your player’s inventory.

For players who do choose to enter the shop, we wanted the experience to be intuitive and fun (regardless of how you usually feel about going shopping!). One way we tried to do this, for example, is with the designs players see when they charge their accounts. By showing Kredit packs as if they are physical cards you’d find at shop counters, we hope players will get an extra kick out of dropping them in their virtual baskets. Little details like that were certainly fun for us to design, and hopefully reflect our passion for the project!

If you do decide to go shopping in Warface, our tutorial below offers some guidance on finding your way around.

How to buy Kredits in Warface

After signing into GFACE and starting Warface, you will be greeted with the main menu screen, which allows you quick and easy access to all functions of the game, including the “Shop” (see highlighted shopping cart on the far left of the top menu bar), as well as the “Charge” button on the lower right. The Charge button can be used to add “Kredits” – the premium currency in Warface. You can also find the same Charge button in the bottom right of the Shop screen.

No matter which screen you click the Charge button on, you will always end up on the same page, as shown in this next picture:

Make sure that you select the correct country using the selector in the top right corner. Should the game choose the wrong country for whatever reason, you can simply click on the name to bring up a search box.

Once you are on the correct page for your country, you have to make the first of two decisions: What payment method do you want to use? You can find a list of all methods available to your region on the left-hand side of the store interface.

We offer payment methods based on the country your are in. Payment methods may vary between countries and we continue to work on adding more options for each territory. Payment methods can include credit cards, PayPal and various instant banking solutions, as well as different mobile or prepaid methods. Once you have decided how to pay, you can select one of up to five (depending on the selected payment method) Kredit packages, with the pricier bundles including bonus Kredits for those who buy in bulk.

For the sake of this tutorial, we will go with Credit Card as our payment method of choice. First, you will need to enter your Credit Card details – Credit Card Number and Expiration Date, as well as your name. Note that you can still see your selected payment method and the chosen Kredits bundle on the left throughout the payment process.

Once the credentials have been correctly entered, the system will ask you for your Credit Card’s security code – the last three digits of the number on the card’s back, next to the field for your signature.

As the final step, you will have to enter your billing address. Please note that you will need to use the address that your Credit Card was originally registered to, which could differ from your current address. As a nice design touch, the shop will generate a picture of a Credit Card using your entered credentials. You can now confirm the purchase with the green button.

Congratulations, you have added some Kredits to your Warface account! Now, how do you spend them?

You can now return to the main menu again and go to the Shop via the “Shopping Cart” icon.

From the Shop’s homepage, you can select the different goods available for purchase: Gear such as weapons (primary and secondary) and grenades; Outfit pieces such as Helmets and Vests; Skins that allow you to play as female Soldiers; Miscellaneous Items such as Resurrection Coins (for PvE only), VIP boosters (for faster progression) and Random Boxes, which will include items for the chosen class.

The currency that you can buy items with varies by category; some, like certain Gear, can be bought with both Warface Dollars ($) (earned during gameplay) as well as Kredits (K), as shown in this example:

There is a third currency called “Crowns” denoted by a crown symbol, which players can only accrue through skillful play and fulfilling so called contracts in the co-op game.

The full breakdown of types of items and what currencies you can buy them with is currently as follows:

If you have questions regarding the payment process please contact our official partner Live Gamer: http://gfacesupport.livegamer.com/home

They are also your point of contact should you encounter a problem with your transaction.

For questions relating to the Warface in-game shop please see the articles on the GFACE customer support portal: https://crytek.kayako.com

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