We have lift-off! GFACE opens up to the world today


Back in January 2012, we shared our first post on this blog and told the world that the GFACE team was on a mission to “re-imagine how we can best experience our new connected lives.” Today, after a lot of hard work, brainstorming and input from our amazing community, we’re happy to announce that the first major part of that mission has been accomplished: GFACE is live!

Entering the Public Beta phase today is a milestone that comes alongside the launch of Crytek’s first free-to-play PC game, Warface, and we couldn’t be more excited to know that people can now register for instant access to GFACE and experience the stunning FPS through it. We’re also pleased to be able to share the news that from today GFACE will be available in English, French, German and Turkish – making it even more accessible!


That being said, today also marks the start of another new phase, and we will continue working hard to shape GFACE into a service that reflects the wishes of our community and fulfills the vast potential we believe it holds.

Most importantly, we’d like to express our gratitude to everyone who has supported GFACE & Warface on its journeys so far. For all your feedback, input, participation and ongoing involvement – thank you.

Please spread the word and tell the world GFACE has now swung its doors wide open! And if you think you might have the skills to be a part of all that lies ahead, check out our open job vacancies!

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