Frequently Asked Questions about GFACE!


GFACE is an online social gaming hub where you can play games in a lively, social environment and share your experience with people all over the world. We aim to bring you the best of free-to-play gaming, not just with Warface, but with many amazing titles – ranging from casual to core – to come in the future! Having a GFACE profile gives you easy and unified access to all free-to-play games available on GFACE.

Warface is the first game on GFACE and paving the way. We feel that GFACE plays an important part in evolving this game, fueling social interactions and offering a social platform for the Warface community to grow and interact on. You can meet with friends or make new ones, form teams to play Co-op with players who are just as skilled as you, invite other members for a Versus match, compare scores, etc.! You have easy access to all features that come with both GFACE and Warface, which is intuitive and straightforward.

Thanks to GFACE, all Warface-related matters such as forums and leaderboards will be in one place and easily accessible for our entire community.

Why does Warface need the GFACE plugin and doesn’t it cause a lot of issues and problems?

The GFACE plugin manages the download of game data to your PC, helps to keep games up to date and enables the launch of games on GFACE through the browser. Once the game is launched it runs as its own entity on your PC directly connecting to the respective game servers. Issues such as certain plugin error messages, lag or server disconnect issues are related to the game or game servers, and not GFACE or the GFACE experience plugin. The Warface team is aware of the issues some players are having and is constantly working on improving performance []. Updates on our progress will always be published on the Warface game profile. []

How do I find and add friends on GFACE?

There are various ways to find and add friends on GFACE. If you see a comment from a user you want to add as a friend, you can use Drag & Drop to drag their userpic to the dropbar at the top of the screen, and then add the person to one of your clouds. You can also click on the userpic or name to get directly to the profile page of the user and hit the connect button there. If you know the GFACE name of your friend you can navigate to their profile page by typing the following in your browser address bar:  Just make sure you replace NICKNAME with your friend’s name! This will lead you to his profile page where you can hit connect. Please note that the search function on GFACE is currently not available. Our developers are working on a solution, first to bring back search for friends and then later on a full search solution.

How do I get support for GFACE?

Please go to for all your GFACE support needs. You can check the knowledge base for solutions to the most common problems. Additionally, you can raise your personal support ticket by following the steps described on the support page. This way you can monitor the progress and status of your request.

How do I get support for Warface?

Please go to for all your Warface support needs. You can check the knowledge base for solutions to the most common problems. Additionally, you can raise your personal support ticket by following the steps described on the support page. This way you can monitor the progress and status of your request.

How do I change the email address connected to my GFACE account?

At the moment you are unable to change your email address automatically. However, you can submit a ticket on our Support page [] for assistance. Please make sure you include the following information:

  • Your current GFACE account email address
  • Your account username
  • The new email address that you want to use for your GFACE account.

The GFACE support team will then verify your request and change the email address for you. More help and details on your GFACE account can be found here:

To which hard drive and folder does Warface get installed?

The GFACE plugin governs the install process of Warface. During this process your computer will be checked whether it is equipped to run Warface properly. (See here for the system requirements []). By default, Warface is installed to the C:\ProgramData\GFACE\warface folder on the C: drive. If the plugin detects that there is not enough disk space available, it will offer the option to install it to another drive.

Where do I find explanations on all the basic terms and functions GFACE offers?

The knowledgebase on the support portal has an extensive guide to all functions like Seeds, Clouds and Notifications [].

Where do I leave feedback for Warface?

The Warface team is really interested in all your feedback about the game. You should post it in the Warface discussions: There you’ll find a dedicated Feedback category.

Where do I leave feedback for GFACE?

The GFACE Community Team is always reading the public cloud. We are interested in all your feedback and thoughts about GFACE.

Which languages is GFACE available in?

GFACE is available in English, German, French and Turkish. We are constantly reviewing the offered languages and will add additional languages in the future.

How do I change the language on GFACE?

The language can be switched via the button in the bottom right corner of the GFACE dashboard []. The language you choose for GFACE also determines the language setting for Warface. However, if you load and start Warface for the very first time, it will be presented to you in English. You can’t select or change the language in the game itself. On your second start of the game you will experience Warface in your selected GFACE language.

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