GFACE update incoming!

A few weeks have come and gone since GFACE entered Public Beta, a milestone we celebrated with a not insignificant amount of cake. But, as we promised back then, going live was simply the end of one journey and the start of another!

Tomorrow will see the next step forward for GFACE as we implement an update designed to refine certain aspects of the service. The most important changes for users are detailed below, and as always we’d like to say thank you for the role your feedback plays in helping us to make GFACE better.

Changes to Terminology

One of the most noticeable changes coming with tomorrow’s update is simply a re-wording of certain terminology on GFACE. So, for example, “Seeds” will now be called “Posts”, “Live Seeds” will become “Chats”, and “People” and “Connections” will now be known as “Friends”.  The ultimate aim of such changes is simply to make GFACE as intuitive as possible.

Account Recovery

Another feature being added as part of the update is an improved account recovery system. The change means that you’ll be prompted to add a secret question and answer for your account – adding extra security and making it easier to regain access to your account if you forget your login details. The prompt to add the new info will come either after you play Warface five times, or the next time you purchase Kredits in the Warface Shop.

Search Reintroduced

From tomorrow, you’ll once again be able to look for people in GFACE using a search function, finding them based on usernames or real names (if they’ve provided them).

Other improvements

On top of the changes listed above, we’ve been tweaking and improving things in the background for a smoother user experience. Examples of this include a new visual style to accompany the process of downloading game data, and a range of stability and optimization improvements.

Finally, when the update is done you’ll be asked to accept some new terms of service, which you can review when prompted to give them your okay.

We hope you’re happy with the changes!

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