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CSS3 Flip Animations on GFACE

Did you notice the cool peel effect when you hover seeds and user pics on GFACE? Do you know that in the second version of this behaviour we phased out all JavaScript, and accomplished it only with CSS3 keyframe animations? … Continue reading

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Crossbrowser CSS3 Reflections

Reflections are integral design elements, and if using them sparingly one can achieve sleek and modern looks for their website. (Un)fortunately, the only browser that supports CSS reflections out of the box is Google Chrome, via the -webkit-box-reflect property, which … Continue reading

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CSS3 Checkboxes and Radiobuttons GFACE Style

In GFACE we are lucky to have the freedom of experimenting with the latest trends, and to push the technology to its limits. Going crazy with CSS is just a small bit of this freedom, and in this post I … Continue reading

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