GFACE Dev Diaries: Fatih

Welcome to GFACE Dev Diaries! This is where our Team members introduce themselves and give you some insight on what’s happening behind the scenes at GFACE. First up is Fatih, our Games Producer.

  • Describe your job/a day filled with GFACE activities.

Besides my daily duties as a Games Producer, I regularly check GFACE to follow the discussions of our community. I love having quick talks with our community members. As our Lead Designer Pascal once said: We are really proud to have the people who login every day, post stuff, use the system, help us uncover the problems and are generally very nice even if they could say “there is not much to do yet”. Thank you for your support and feedback, community!

Furthermore, I conquer the GFACE meeting rooms by attaching game-related stuff on the walls. If you want to see some of the – exclusively on GFACE – games, you have to check out our meeting room! I also forward my teammates news from all over the place. They call it spam, I call it relevant :) .

Last but not least, as mentioned before, I work closely with the GFACE Game Team. I am the intermediary between Crytek and the GFACE Game Team. I own the product, manage, and drive the creative vision in collaboration with the lead group. On the other hand, I present the milestones to Crytek’s management, receive feedback, and iterate accordingly. Currently we are working on a card game that will hopefully be liked by many people who like GFACE.

  • What makes GFACE special? Why do you think it can stand out?

In my opinion, GFACE stands out because it is a home for free-to-play, high-quality games. There are tons of great free-to-play titles, but they are placed/played on so many different services. And you have to sign-up on all those services to be able to play those games. Ideally, GFACE will be a global place where you can play for free. And we are gamers at heart here at Crytek and GFACE. We are gamers. We think like gamers. And we build like gamers for gamers who share the same interest.

  •  Why did you want to work in the gaming industry, and how did you end up at Crytek/GFACE?

After finishing my university studies in 2009, I joined Crytek as a UX trainee. I mostly translated audience needs into user experience concepts for almost three years here at GFACE. Since I am a passionate gamer, I also spent some time with game design. At first I used my knowledge to gamify the service. Then I made basic game design concepts for some of the games we have planned, prototyped, and are working on right now. By doing that I realised more and more that I would like to be involved in the game development rather than web development. Crytek has thankfully given me the chance to become a Games Producer, which is my current focus since March 2012.

Before all this, I did several internships here at Crytek in the Quality Assurance team. Oh boy, you cannot imagine how many times I played the first three levels of Far Cry over and over again. To be honest, when we shipped Far Cry back in 2004, I skipped those levels since I could not take it anymore!

  • What do you do aside from GFACE? Any hobbies/activities?

I try to have a very balanced life. Seriously, if you do not get enough rest, you will not be able to recharge your energy. And that is needed for being able to do your daily work with high concentration. I love going to the cinema and watching DVDs. Even though I got a bit lazy, I like going to the gym or at least to a thermal bath once a month. On Saturdays, I love spending some time on the couch together with my dad and watching football. Of course, I try to have family activities since I am a family man. And sure, I also love just to sleep during my weekends :) .

!! Connect and chat with Fatih here:

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GFACE Planning

Dear Beta-testers,

As you all know, GFACE has been improving steadily throughout the past couple of months. Some of you have been with us since the beginning, and others joined later with a new vision on our strategy and ideas. A lot of you have provided us with incredibly valuable feedback, whether that was positive or constructive, and the Team has worked hard to implement most of these comments. We would like to thank you for taking the time to send us an email with your thoughts, because after all, GFACE is for you.

Of course, we are aware of some issues that our community is currently having, the major one being the lack of any games. In light of this, we would like to explain a bit more about our strategy and why things seem to be moving slowly at the moment.

Please know that the Team is not sitting still! We are constantly improving our service on the backend, meaning that we fix bugs, implement new design and small features, and work on the general GFACE structure. Just because a new feature doesn’t come out every week, does not mean that GFACE isn’t evolving or growing.

As a gaming platform we are currently bound to the release of Warface, Crytek’s upcoming free-to-play shooter. We are hoping to announce a Closed Beta for Warface this winter and you’ll be among the first to know.

However, that does mean that we won’t be releasing any big features until the end of the year. The next step in Beta testing is our Game Beta, and that links to Warface. Aside from Warface development, we are currently talking to third-party game developers who wish to publish on GFACE, and also have our own Game Team, who are creating and producing more exciting new titles that will become playable on GFACE. GFACE’s focus will still be casual and core, high quality, free-to-play multiplayer games – and expansion comes after Warface is live on the platform.

Having said all this, our community is what is most important to us. GFACE is being built with and for our gaming audience, and your input is of high value. For example, these are some features we are planning to implement based on your feedback: the customization of personal profiles, muting posts, editing posts, endless scrolling/back to top option, and personal settings.

So again, thanks to our Beta testers for your feedback, patience, and participation on GFACE. We are moving forward and are certain that we can provide you with a unique social gaming experience in the very near future.

The GFACE Team.

Play. Together. Live.

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Current job opportunities at GFACE

At GFACE, we are a multicultural and talented bunch of engineers, designers, management, and QA – together, we are creating a unique social platform that combines all forms of entertainment.

If you want to work in an exciting, fast-paced gaming environment, please check out our current job openings below. If you like what you see, don’t hesitate to apply; we’re eager to hear from you!

Urgent: iOS Developer

Urgent: UI Engineer

Web/UI Designer

ETL Developer

Developer Support Engineer

Java Developer

Game Backend Developer (JAVA)

If any of these positions appeal to you, please fill out the application form – of course, you’re always welcome to submit your CV and motivation letter anyway, regardless of the positions. Who knows, we may be able to place you somewhere!

Hopefully we’ll see you in the office soon!

The GFACE Team

Play. Together. Live.

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GDC Europe/GamesCom 2012 Aftermath

We’re back from Cologne!

And what an interesting time we had. The first two days at GDC Europe were mostly about attending talks and having meetings with lots of different companies and game developers. We saw some interesting speakers who filled us in about the latest trends in social and online gaming, and we were present on the Crysis 3/CryEngine booth.

GamesCom was on another level! Over 275.000 visitors in five days! Unfortunately, GFACE didn’t have its own booth, but we were represented either way: at the Warface booth, in the business area, and at the recruitment booth. We had more meetings and heard some great feedback from the people who were there.

If you were there as well, please share your thoughts and experiences with us on GFACE! We’d love to hear what you liked or didn’t like – and of course what you thought of the Warface chinook

The GFACE Team.

Play. Together. Live.

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Introduction Cards

We have something new and exciting for all the new Beta testers on GFACE: Introduction Cards!

GFACE aims to be very intuitive in its use, meaning that it’s easy to navigate and find out which button does what. However, to make sure that none of our developments go unnoticed, we have made clear overviews of all the separate sections on GFACE – the Introduction To cards.

As you can see, each part of the interface is explained thoroughly. If you ever run into trouble or are not sure how something works, these cards are your saviour! The cards are always on the bottom of the relevant page – you can click on ‘x’ to get rid of them (you cannot undo this!).

The GFACE Team.

Play. Together. Live.

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On to the next phase: Live Beta is here!

After months of hard work, bug fixes, and team meetings, we are happy and proud to announce that GFACE is officially moving into the next phase of testing: Live Beta! Some of you even guessed it already after seeing the cupcakes (yes, they were delicious).

A new phase obviously means new features and updates of previous ones. Below we have made an overview of some new things you can explore on GFACE.

The newest feature you’ll find on GFACE is the Live Seed system. Live Seeds are instant chats with one or multiple people. To start a Live Seed, simply drag the other person’s profile picture to the bottom of the page. The Live Bar will appear with the message: “Drag here to host new Live Seed.” Once you have dropped the other person’s picture into the Live Bar, you can start chatting!

During a Live Seed, you can add any of your connections to the chat, or delete participants if you wish. You can host up to three chats at the same time. Your chat history can be found under a new tab in My Profile, namely Live Seeds.

Our other update will definitely make lots of you very happy: we have renewed our Notification System, adding a “Mark all as read” button, and introducing a new naming convention which separates Live Seed notifications from the regular ones.

Also, to make it easier to keep tabs on your GFACE activity, we now have a Notification Counter in the tab window of your browser. That way, when you have multiple tabs open, you can still keep track of your GFACE notifications.

Overall, GFACE should now run much faster and smoother thanks to a general system update implemented into the Live Beta phase. Also, most of the previously reported bugs – such as distorted profile pictures or lag during Seed posting – should now be fixed.

Last but not least, we would like to thank all of our Closed Beta testers for being patient and sending us very valuable feedback. We appreciate every single email/post and try to incorporate as many comments as possible – although please remember we aren’t superheroes with magical superpowers and some of these developments simply take time :) .

Please enjoy all the new things and keep sending us your thoughts and feedback!

The GFACE Team.

Play. Together. Live.

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Reminder: GFACE at GDC Europe/Gamescom

One more week and then it’s already time for GDC Europe and Gamescom, which is in Cologne, Germany from August 13th until August 19th.

We have been working hard on new features, which are currently on our test environment to make sure we can bring you some new top-notch developments on GFACE. We expect to roll them out onto GFACE Beta next week, so stay tuned!

At GDCE/Gamescom we will be talking to Free to Play Social, Casual, and Core multiplayer games developers, studios and publishing partners. GFACE aims to host a variety of game genres, all of the highest quality. Meetings and demonstrations are still available on request, so please contact for more information.

Also, Crytek/GFACE will be recruiting during both conferences! You can check our current job openings here; if you see anything you like, make sure to drop by with your CV.

Will YOU be attending Gamescom? If so, please come by and say hello to us! At GDC Europe we are at Booth 159, and during Gamescom we’ll be present at Hall 7, Hallway C, Booth 010. We’re excited to meet our (future) Beta testers!

Looking forward to seeing you all next week!

The GFACE Team.

Play. Together. Live.

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GFACE at GDC Europe and Gamescom

Good news: GFACE will be attending GDC Europe and Gamescom this year. We will be there from August 13th until August 17th, showing you the latest developments and features we’ve made.

Aside from showing you what we do, we are also interested to talk to Free to Play Social, Casual, and Core multiplayer games developers, studios and publishing partners. Meetings and demonstrations are available on request, so please contact for more information.

Also, Crytek/GFACE will be recruiting during both conferences! You can check our current job openings here; if you see anything you like, make sure to drop by with your CV.

Lastly, the most exciting thing for us is to meet YOU, the GFACE user! We will be hanging around in Hall 7 at Gamescom (next to Warface) - make sure to drop by and tell us what you think of GFACE so far, and share any thoughts or ideas with us.

Looking forward to seeing you all in August!

The GFACE Team.

Play. Together. Live.

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Share Everything!

We have some great news to share with you, which you can share with others.

You know when someone posts this awesome seed on the Public Cloud, like the raging Diablo III guy or the new Justin Bieber video? Well, now there is an easy way to re-share that post to your personal people clouds who may have missed out on it. Simply grab the post in the upper left corner, and drag it to your Topbar to share it with a particular group. It looks like this:

Voilá – Drag and Share! Anything you re-share will appear to only the designated groups, not on the Public Cloud.

We also listened to your feedback and have now included Star Notifications! Every time someone gives you a well-deserved star, it will appear in your notifications. Every star will be added to your total Star Count on your profile page.

Last but not least, pending connections are now shown in your People Clouds, and when you are following a user but are not connected with them, you can still see to which group they belong on their profile page (and will be reminded that you should still connect with them!). These may seem like small things, but it’s just to let you all know that there are constant changes happening on the backend of GFACE. The Team is working really hard to enhance your GFACE experience and incorporate slick new features and design.

Now how about you all re-share this blogpost ☺?

The GFACE Team

Play. Together. Live.

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Making friends is easy… well, we made it easy!

It’s time for some brand new features on GFACE!

Since GFACE stands for sharing and experiencing entertainment together, we have made it easy to find friends and connect with new people: seeing friends of friends.

When you visit a person’s profile, you can now see all their connections: the ones that are common to you and them, and the ones that aren’t. Now you easily connect with others through your friends and build your online network. Don’t worry, if you’d rather keep things private, you can change your privacy settings in your profile: just go to basic information and change the public to all groups, and unknown people will only see your shared connections.

Also, to make it easier for you to find us – or the faces behind GFACE – we have added our logo to the profiles of our team members. See that little GFACE badge next to his name?

Now you can connect with the team and even make your own GFACE people cloud!

And for the connection control freaks amongst us (yes, we’re like that too): you can see your incoming and outgoing requests on your profile, and edit or even cancel the pending connection requests. This way you know exactly who you’re sharing your experiences with.

Enjoy and we hope to connect with you soon!

The GFACE Team.

Play. Together. Live.

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